Gainesville Moving Tips

Prepping for your next move can be stressful.

Balancing a full-time career, have a new bun in the oven or just it's simply time for change? We understand, life happens. Moving is one of most stressful events a human goes through. Getting prepared can greatly reduce that stress and allow you to be focusing on more important things. These Gainesville moving tips will help ease the bourdon and stress!

Especially when life happens.

Begin the Process

You want to begin packing at least one month before your move. Pack 2-3 boxes per day. This can reduce your time and stress of being prepped on move out day.

Can't Stop Now

Pack heavy items such as books or weights into small boxes to avoid overloading and causing boxes to fall apart. 

Not my CHINA-Ware!

Make sure  your fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap and/or packing paper to avoid breaking.

The day is Here

Take a deep breathe, you made it! Make sure you are fully prepped and packed for the morning of your move. The more miscellaneous items that need prepped, the longer our process takes.

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